PCSIR hosts workshop on ‘Patent Drafting, Valuation & Licensing’

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A four days training workshop on “Patent Drafting; Valuation and Licensing” was organised by Intellectual Property Organisation of Pakistan (IPO-Pakistan) in cooperation with Ministry of Scinec and Technology (MoST) and Higher Education Commission (HEC) at PCSIR Labs. Complex, Karachi on December 28-31, 2015.

The assistance was also extended by TRTA-Program European Union (EU) for the program. The opening seminar of the training workshop was held at PCSIR Auditorium; Dr Shahzad Alam, Chairman, PCSIR was the chief guest at the occasion. He in his keynote address spoke about the need and significance of intellectual property protection for academic and industrial research. Mr Meesaq Arif, Director IPO-Pakistan highlighted the efforts of his organisation towards securing the national IP rights.

Ten scientists and technologists from various centers of PCSIR participated in the workshop along the participants from ORIC Offices of the Universities and Trade Organisations to polish their patent drafting skills. All of the foreign mentors and local experts were keenly listened by the attendees. It is anticipated that this workshop will prove to be a milestone towards the promotion of intellectual property protection culture among researchers and other stakeholders.


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