PCSIR-KLC organizes Dr. Saleemu-uz-Zamaan Siddiqui memorial lecture

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The PCSIR Seminar Committee of Karachi Laboratories Complex organized a seminar at Lecture Hall PCSIR Labs Karachi, after KLC has taken initiatives to start an enlightening series of scientific lecture. This lecture series has been dedicated to the renounced scientist of Pakistan and the founder of PCSIR Dr. Saleem-uz-Zamaan Siddiqui.

The first lecture of this series was delivered by Mr. Shahid Bhutto on “The effect of Green Leaf Volatiles on ozonolysis products of monoteprens by  PTR-ToFMS”.

The conclusion was drawn by the speaker regarding cumulative effect of α-terpene with secondary organic aerosols, which ultimately increases cooling effect of cold climate.

The scientists and engineering from various centers of PCSIR were among the participants. At the end of session a certificate was presented to the speaker by Dr. Khauala Shirin, PSO, Chairperson Seminar Committee on the behalf of Director General PCSIR Labs Complex Karachi. Dr. Omer Mukhtar Tarar conducted the session.

Dr. Khaula Shirin Shahid Bhutto Lacture Audiance

Shahid Bhutto PCSIR


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