‘Science and technology play a pivotal role in country’s uplift’

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KARACHI: Ministry of Science and Technology Secretary Fazal Abbas Maken has said that development in science and technology play a pivotal role in the progress of a country.

He said this while addressing the scientists and technologists of PCSIR Laboratories Complex, Karachi. The secretary emphasised that the PCSIR being a research and development organisation should focus on research, innovation and commercialisation, as result-oriented and ardent efforts were absolutely essential for R&D organisations to play their role in the socio-economic development of the country, which would enable them to become self-sustained over a period of time.

Director General Dr Kaniz Fizza Azhar, thereafter, started her presentation with the permission of chair to brief the guests on various R&D activities and progress of various research centres of these labs.

The secretary shown his keen interest in the presentation, raised various questions and enquired about the progress and status of the respective R&D projects/work from the officials concerned.

He also shared his valuable experience and knowledge with the forum, and gave advice and guidance to achieve the targets of the organisation.

The secretary remained vigilant throughout the presentation and made his critical, positive and constructive observations to streamline the research work and overall performance in accordance with the requirement of public/private sector and entrepreneurs. During the presentation and discussion with the scientists concerned, the federal secretary advised them to make extra efforts to undertake demand-driven research projects and assignments, and produce the results within the shortest possible time.

The secretary also desired that the scientists must ensure that the similar research work had not been duplicated in the other organisation to avoid the wastage of public exchequer on the analogous work.

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