For meeting the ever important requirement of ISO & WTO, the accredited Labs of PCSIR are maintaining the Quality Management System (QMS) and status of accreditation under ISO 17025 International Standard. It is further encouraging that the Food Microbiology, Chemicals, Textile Leather Labs, of PCSIR at Karachi have been assessed and accredited by internationally recognized accreditation body, the Norwegian Accreditation (NA). This award of international recognition of technical competence shall certainly play a pivotal role improving the confidence of PCSIR workers to help the industrial sector in boosting up the trade and economy of Pakistan. Due to national (PNAC) and international (NA) accreditation of KLC, major commodities in food sector are being tested and certified by these laboratories before their export abroad.

PCSIR is also making efforts to develop / improve links / liaison with similar institutes, of other countries of the world, in order to undertake collaborative research projects in different fields of S&T.Output of R&D work, leading towards innovations and process development, indicates the originality creativeness.PCSIR works under the administrative control of Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST). Keeping in view the growing requirement of industrial sector and the international obligations in trade and commerce, the Council was restructured and made an autonomous body through PCSIR Act of 1973. Due to changing scenario of S&T developments at global level, PCSIR has reoriented its priorities and strategies and diverted emphasis towards the new emerging technologies.

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