Additional Secretary S&T visits PCSIR Laboratories Complex

Honorable Dr. Ata Ur Rahman, Additional Secretary for Ministry of Science & Technology, paid a visit to PCSIR Laboratories Complex, Karachi on 31st December 2021.

The Director General PCSIR Labs. Complex, Karachi, Dr. Hafiz Rub Nawaz received with warm welcome and presented a bouquet.

The Additional Secretary was introduced with all Heads of the Centers in the Committee room. Afterward, a presentation was presented to describe the functions and achievements of KLC.

The Additional Secretary discussed research projects, existing testing facilities, and current activities of PCSIR, Karachi.

The additional Secretary highlighted that attention should be paid to such research that improves quality of products. He also suggested research on commercially viable value added products and making better marketing strategies for self- sustainability.

During the discussion it was informed by Director General PCSIR Labs. Complex, Karachi that Bio Medical equipment are developed by these Labs. Which are import substitute and very high potential in market but required Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) registration for marketing / Supply to hospitals.

The Additional Secretory maintained to submit comprehensive proposal to Ministry of Science & Technology and he himself personally pursue it to get registration from DRAP.

The Additional Secretary also discussed the scope of PCSIR and compared it with other S&T organizations e.g. PSQCA. He also emphasized linkage with academia to engage research students in PCSIR R & D. Also he recommended the addition of modern equipment and improving the human resource area of the organization.

At the end, the Additional Secretary cherished the efforts of PCSIR researchers.


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