Center for Environmental Studies

The Center for Environmental Studies was established in May 2003 as per Governing body. Environment reflex life of all creatures in the universe and   man always being remained concern with the protection of environment. A number of institutes Departments, Universities where a number of scientists, technologists and supporting staff is actively involved in environmental studies.

PCSIR being premier research organization having the center for environmental Studies in all units all over the Pakistan except Karachi. Karachi Laboratories Complex however having a multidisciplinary set up of research but lacking of environmental studies. It is therefore by realizing the importance of this field the Center for Environmental Studies was established by procuring technical staff from the existing centers.


  • To conduct R&D work by highly qualified and well experienced personnel, whose collective expertise fulfills the diverse requirements of the industries.
  • To provide most comprehensive testing facilities to the exporter of textile, polymer, fine chemicals, fertilizer, minerals & ores etc. under the standard Eco Safe Label & ISO standards.
  • To provide technical support and services, our team is dedicated to look after consumer’s requirements and problems.

Research & Development Activities:

  • Centre for Environmental Studies, is working in the areas of air, water, noise pollution and Solid Waste Management.
  • Studies on Water Supply and Sewerage Systems in Karachi to improve the system to support the regulatory authority.
  • Studies of water for drinking, agriculture purpose and waste water. Expertise were developed for the comprehensive analysis of Water including micronutrients, conductivity, pH, NPK, organic matter etc. in this regard services and consultancy are also provided to private sector.
  • Agriculture based product, fertilizer, slow release fertilizer, pesticides, and fungicides analysis.
  • Analysis and production  of  biogas.
  • Studies of Air monitoring analysis.
  • Research related to referred project from industrial sector.

Quality Policy:

PCSIR Laboratories Complex, Karachi is R&D organization, engaged in testing and calibration activities. Skilled personnel involved in testing & calibration activities are committed to provide reliable services to the satisfaction of its customers through compliance with International Standard ISO-17025 and continual improvement of its Management System & Services through the implementation of Quality Objectives and procedure.




Analytical section of the Center for Environmental Studies is actively engaged in research and development as well as test / analyses activities. Analytical services / advisory services are rendered to various parties (govt. & private sector) regarding organic contaminates and pollutants consumables goods, food and food products, agriculture and water and fertilizer.

The section has developed certain in-house analytical techniques that have been recognized internationally. There are several clients that pursue to their laboratories for those testing parameters while were only analyzed in developed countries and in this way we are continuously saving valuable foreign exchange.


  • To ensure the confidence, impartiality, Judgment and operational integrity
  • Provide analytical testing services to enhance business in the industrial sector
  • Regular enhancement of the skills through training
  • To satisfy clients with-in the limitation of ISO standards

Analytical Services:

  • Analytical /Consultancy/Advisory /technology services are provided to government and private sectors to enhance their business in following areas.
  • Comprehensive analysis of minerals and ores.
  • Essential trace and major elements’ studies in food and food products
  • Chemical composition of water and food.
  • Testing of inorganic and organic contaminates in industrial products and pollutants in environment.
  • Analyses of sea water.
  • Macro and micro-ingredients  in fertilizer
  • Heavy metals and pesticides studies in plants.
  • Studies of metals in fisheries and all food commodities dyes, pigments and other textile products.
  • Toxic compounds determination in leather goods.
  • Quality control of pesticides by active ingredient.


Each section is composed of a team of dedicated and skilled personnel which are involved in R&D and test / analyses activities.

  • Water Lab Section
  • Pesticides Lab Section
  • Air Lab Section
  • Solid Waste Management Lab Section
  • Paper and Wood Testing Lab Section

Facilities available in Analytical Center:

  • Gas chromatograph
  • GC-MS
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
  • Flame Photometer
  • Ion-meter
  • ICP
  • TOC

Human Resource Development:

Training is being given in following fields:

  • Analytical techniques on sophisticated instruments.
  • Air Testing
  • Marine chemistry
  • Food and water Testing
  • Trace metals studies in biological martial
  • Marine sciences


Email: ces@pcsir-khi.gov.pk

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