Food and Marine Resources Research Centre

Food and Marine Resources Research Centre (FMRRC) has been working on various research and development projects of economic importance. The centre is engaged on various aspects of marine resources utilization, preservation and conversation into value-added products. Another important area is the development of fish/shrimp culture. Food section is also involved in the development of processes / products referred by different food industries.

The Microbiology section besides research and development activities is also engaged in routine analysis of water and food products referred by various food industries.

A group of scientists is involved in the R&D work for the enhancement / improvement of agricultural commodities by applying biological techniques. These include biofertilizer /  biopesticides,  mycotoxins. Tissue culture. Exotic plants and nematodes control.

The Food and Feed Safety Lab has facilities for detoxification of aflatoxins in agriculture commodities, which can be used in the manufacture of poultry feed for livestock.


  • Effective Utilization of natural sources related to Food, Fruit and Fishery Industries.
  • New Product Development.
  • Quality Control and Preservation of Food and Fishery Products.
  • Development of Technologies for Farming of Economically Important Aquatic Organisms.
  • Studies on safety aspects of Food and Feed and Agriculture Commodities.
  • Self Reliance Through Import Substitution.


  1. Food Technology Section
  2. Food and Feed Safety Section
  3. Aqua Culture Section
  4. Microbiology Section
  5. Tissue Culture Section
  6. Applied Biology Section

Major Activates:

  • Research & Development
  • Process development
  • Production activities
  • Testing & Analysis
  • Training & Consultancy

Head of Center:
Dr. Zakia Khatoon
Senior Scientific Officer

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