Pharmaceutical Research Centre

Pharmaceutical Research Centre is working on various R&D projects in the field of Natural Product Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology and Toxicology with a view to make available the economical/feasible processes for commercial exploitation. The technologies, which are developed by the Centre are either transferred to the interested parties or these products are being produced and supplied to the clients for marketing. Various herbal preparations including cosmetic items and therapeutic agents, various diagnostic kits and reagents, cleansing and sterilant formulations, insecticides/pesticides/herbicides preparations and some neutraceuticals have been developed and marketed. This Centre also caters the need of public and private sector for their testing requirements in the field of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, formulations, residual antibiotics, pesticides/insecticides, herbal formulations, drug evaluations and efficacy and toxicity of various drugs/raw materials.


  • Development of herbal and Neutraceutical products.
  • Development of TBIC for various processes which have been leased out to the parties.
  • Extraction/isolation of natural products from various herbs for the different herbal/natural/Neutraceutical products.
  • Execution of research concerning the enzymes isolation, purification and inhibition studies, along with the production of pharmaceutical products. Analyzing the commercially available pharmaceutical/enzymatic formulations. Production of diagnostic kits.
  • To develop cost effective indigenous technology.
  • Pharmacology/ Toxicology studies of herbacautical, pharmaceutical, neutraceuticals for synthetic products/ compounds.
  • Development of technology / processes / process improvement of neutron/herbacautical products.
  • Development/ Establishment of pharmacological study protocols.
  • Long term and efficacy studies of products.
  • Modification of pharmacological study protocols according to requirement (Development of new methods).

 Major Activities:

  • R&D
  • Process development
  • Production activities
  • Testing / Analysis
  • Training/Consultancy

Disciplines / Sections

  1. Natural Products Chemistry / Synthetic Chemistry
    Herbal cosmetics products for hair and skin care.
    Nutraceutical products.
    Isolation of natural products from various indigenous herbs.
  2. Biochemistry / Biotechnology
    Enzymatic & pharmaceutical products
    Diagnostic kits
  3. Bioorganic
    Bioactive compounds
    Amino acid fertilizer
  4. Pharmacology
    Pharmacology/ Toxicology/ Formulation of Herbal Medicines

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