KLC-PCSIR Organises Health Awareness Session on “Diabetes & Ramadan”

The Medical Department and Seminar Committee of PCSIR arranged a health Awareness Session at PCSIR Laboratories Complex Karachi. Dr. Tariq Saeed (Consultant Physician & Dialectologist, Head of Medical Services PTCL South) was invited to deliver a lecture on topic “Diabetes & Ramadan” on Saturday 23rd April 2022. The scientists and engineers were invited to attend this valuable talk.

Dr. Tariq discussed the possible complications and health affects of fasting by a diabetic patient. He said that a diabetic patient must contact his/her physician before fasting so that he/she may be guided about possible risks and their management. He said that two conditions are quite alarming for diabetic patients on fasting, one is hypoglycemia and other one is hyperglycemia. The symptoms are quite similar to each other and patient must be able to self monitor and break his fast if it is below the optimum level of 70 mg/dl or higher than 300 mg/dl.

He said that fasting has immense health benefits, the whole glycogen of liver is regenerated, however maintaining a healthy routine during the holy month of Ramadan is necessary. He discussed healthy routine to be adapted during Ramadan, how to distribute calories for Sehar and Iftar, low glycemic index food that will help to maintain energy during the whole fasting day.

The session was very informative and ended with a fruitful discussion.

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