Preserving Power Plant’s Oxygen Emission for Medical Use: PCSIR Team visits Jamshoro Power Plant

On the request of Deputy Director, CDC, DG Health Services Sindh (DGHSS) regarding the “Preserving Power Plant’s Oxygen Emission for Medical Use” produced as a by-product by electrolysis of water in Jamshoro Power Plant.

The Director General PCSIR Labs Karachi, Dr. Shahnaz Parveen constituted a two Senior Scientific Officers team to visit and collection of samples from Jamshoro Power Plant in the last week of Ramazan.

Earlier, Dr. M. Saleem Qazi, Pharmaceutical Research Center (PRC) and Dr. Akhtar Shareef, Centre for Environmental Studies (CES) paid two visits power plant during Eid holidays and took samples in National Interest. During their visit the officials of Jamshoro Power Plant, administration of Health Services Sindh and Army officials were also present.

After detail analysis on the collected oxygen samples, it was found that the produced oxygen is medical grade. However, PCSIR team recommended some suggestion for improvements of process as well as utilization of oxygen at positive coronavirus patients.

Furthermore, the concept of oxygen production could be replicated throughout the country in the thermal power sector where electrolysis was being used as a cooling process.

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