Three Days Training on GC-MS with Head Space

This training program is best suited for the candidates seeking for advanced GC-MS training. We offer hands-on practice on GC-MS with Head Space. The training is conducted in accordance with the specified procedures and fundamental principles of GC. The Theory of Single/Triple Quadrupole, Data quantification and Data acquisition, General Software and Hardware, System Evaluation and Method building all are explained in detail.

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GC-MS finds application in fields like Medicine, criminal forensics, environmental monitoring and cleaning, explosives detection, etc. Thus the training is beneficial for the people who are willing to enter the industries which relates to chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, oils, agriculture, cosmetics, analytical testing laboratories and many others.

You Will Learn

  • Tuning and Calibration, Calibration report, MS Tune File, GCMS Method Development.
  • Sample preparation techniques.
  • System and method parameter setup, Scan and Single Ion Monitoring, On-column injection, Split/Split less injection.
  • Library search concepts, integration, report
  • Maintaining the GC-MS instrument and troubleshooting the problems related to gas supply, inlet, auto-sampler, column and detector.

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